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Physiotherapy Treatment at Dudley Physio

Welcome to Dudley Physio

At Dudley Physio our team of Chartered Physiotherapists have years of clinical experience and expertise in their fields. This enables Dudley Physio to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including;
  • Spine Problems – prolapsed and slipped discs, wear and tear, sciatica pain, lumbago pain, stiff or painful neck, whiplash associated disorders and referred arm and leg pains.
  • Joint Problems - arthritis, joint injuries and stiffness, pain and swelling
  • Traumatic Injuries - to ligaments, cartilage and tendons, muscles and sports and work related overuse injuries.
  • Fractures - increase tissue and bone healing, and to regain full strengthening and stretching once healing has occurred.
  • Pre and post surgery – we can provide physiotherapy treatment before and after orthopaedic and general surgery. Bangor Physio aim to rehabilitate and speed up your recovery following an operation eg joint, tendon or muscle surgery.
  • Women’s health – including ante and post natal exercises, stress incontinence, and post surgery
Dudley physiotherapy provide treatments including:
  • Assessment of the patient and their condition
  • Development of an appropriate and effective treatment plan
  • Increasing patient safety, mobility and independence
  • Specific exercise programs
  • Physiotherapy equipment recommendations
  • Education and training
  • Falls intervention and falls prevention
  • Manual therapy manipulation and mobilisation

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